The Wave

Man surfing painting

“The Wave”

My mind Sensing. Feeling. The opportunity. Alignment. Action. Now riding The Wave.

  “The Wave” Oil painting When you see a wave approaching, see it for what it is: an opportunity. Like any opportunity, to make the most of it you must position yourself and get ready. When the wave starts to arrive, you need to match its speed and then paddle hard. Your goal is to create enough momentum so that you become one with the wave in order to ride it. In other words, to catch “The Wave” (the moving energy) and move yourself forward, closer to your dream, you must take action. However, if you do not take enough action—if you do not generate enough power and velocity—the wave will pass underneath you and the opportunity will be lost. Tomorrow is a new “wave” and it is approaching. Capture that moment in your life, and go for it. See your opportunity, get into position, and take lots of action! Ride “The Wave!” Live, to Love Life! ~ Brad Rhoades *If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. They might be grateful that you did.

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