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Thinking Beyond the Paint

Everything is energy, and everything is connected in the universe. Even our thoughts are made up of energy. Everything is vibrating and is in constant motion. We are part of the greater whole. It is this “connection” with the Universal Spirit that I am striving to tell a story through the use of my art, poetry, and my imagination.

Please join us along this path in discovering our inner connection with the Universal Spirit.

“The Whisper”
And you shall hear
My heart, my love, my breath
Quiet the mind, and simply know


This painting, which I call “Thrive,” is about celebrating you being at your best. It represents your life when you are done being complacent and doing things in an “average” way.

The Process

Life is a process, a series of steps that you need to take in order to create the end results that you seek. 


Have you ever felt excited about your goal one day—and then the very next day feel like your batteries are drained? Why do you feel so tired? Why have you lost your motivation?

Please join me along this journey through art, poetry, and imagination, to discover and connect , to something greater than ourselves. Subscribe below and receive your “Midweek Motivation” every Wednesday.

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