Quantum Thinking

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Quantum Thinking
The quantum field.
Past time and space. Release.
The old skin sheds. A new idea
Is born.

Quantum Thinking – A morning routine exercise

One of my favorite morning rituals and routines that I now do without fail every day is what I nicknamed “Quantum Thinking.” This idea really originated about two years ago, when I attended a Zoom Webinar held by Bob Proctor, who has been studying the mind for over 60 years. In one of Bob’s lessons he spoke about a book titled You2 (pronounced “You Squared”) by Price Pritchett. You2 is a really small book that’s based upon the study of quantum physics, which deals with time and space. But don’t judge this book by its size—it’s packed with an amazing concept of making a “Quantum Leap.”

I too, recommend this book or audio for anyone wishing to reach higher levels of excellence.

The basic premise of You2 is that you can make a huge leap in progress towards a goal simply by rethinking the way you normally go about achieving or tackling a problem or goal.

One example that Pritchett talks about in this book is a story of a fly trying to escape from a house by going out the window, even though that window is closed. In order to solve its problem the fly only considers this one solution: escaping through the window. So the fly keeps hitting itself repeatedly against the window over and over, eventually resulting in its own demise.

Pritchett points out that if only the fly were to turn around in the opposite direction it would see that the back door is open and it could easily escape the house, but only if it were to consider other possibilities. The fly could save its life in seconds, but its mind is locked in on this “one way” to solve its problem.

You get the point. We need to think outside the box. We need to throw away the box. We need to put our thinking caps in a whole other galaxy and consider that anything is possible. If we are to make a quantum jump, we need to forget everything (for the moment) of what is considered to be the “correct” way.

What I love to do is I write “Quantum Thinking” on the top page of my journal and then try to brainstorm new ideas on how I can solve a goal or something I am trying to achieve.

One great way to get the ball rolling is to start by writing what I call “power questions,” which open the mind to new possibilities. A strong question can unlock limitless ideas and solutions to any question you are pondering. That’s right, a question can help you answer a question! Let the question tap into your subconscious mind and then just get out of the way. Relax. Go for a walk. Go about your day. Our brains will continue to work on the problem. I believe the more you don’t stress or worry about the answer, the easier it is for the answer to reveal itself.

Asking questions is an awesome and powerful way to come up with solutions.

Here are some examples of power questions:

1. What actions would I need to take to achieve my “X-Goal” in one month’s times?

(Let’s assume you have a goal that you think would normally take 10 to 20 years to achieve.)

Finding the answer to this question will require you to think of completely different solutions in order to achieve the new time frame. It will require you to change your old ways of how to get the results. Radical results will require radically different ideas.

2. What limiting beliefs are holding me back from moving forward? Or what limiting beliefs do I need to let go of in order for me to achieve my goal? What is holding me back?

3. How do I turn my annual income into a monthly income?

Bob Proctor often uses this very example for setting a big goal. He called it a “Stretch Goal,” because it does precisely that. You have to stretch your mind and your thinking in order to achieve this goal. Doing more of the same will not achieve this goal. You have to consider another way. You have to let go of “how it will happen” in order to discover the endless possibilities. Think back to the story of the fly. It would only consider one solution, going out the window. If it had let go of this “one way” idea of thinking and considered another way, instead of bashing itself to death it might have flown out the back door to freedom.

If you think there is only one way to do something…you are right. And if you think there are endless ways to achieve your goal…you are also right. You choose.

4. Who do I need to become in order to achieve “xyz”?

This is a powerful question because it pushes you to step out of your “older self” in order to move forward and become the new amazing you. Again, if you keep doing the same things, including being the “same you,” your results most likely will not change. You need to change.

So, I will leave you with this final question…

Who do you need to become in order to live the life that you have always imagined?

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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Thank you.

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