Ones ness painting, blue circle

All things.
Past reflections. Let go.
Acceptance. Love. Always forward.

Enso is an image in Zen Buddhism that means “One Form.” It is said to represent a circle of harmony, or the oneness with Spirit and everything that is within it.

Painting an Enso Circle is a kind of spiritual practice and reflection on life. It is about oneness with nature and the art of repetition or practice.

The Enso is created with one brush stroke, freeing your mind of all thoughts. There are no perfect circles and no two Ensos are alike. Once you paint the stroke you do not change it. The circle is about acceptance and letting go, with part of the circle open to let the Spirit flow in an out—like taking a deep breath and exhaling life’s energy.

I like to see the Enso as a symbol of a beginning of something, as well as representing when we come towards the end of a cycle, only to repeat it again, never ending, but infinite.

The circle is a reminder to us that life, like the circle, is not perfect. Each day we must take a step, begin the circle and create the momentum to move forward, only to repeat the process once again the next day.

Want to try adding this practice to your life? Try meditating while visualizing your Enso. See yourself holding the brush and placing it on the paper. Take a deep breath, and as you slowing exhale…begin the circle. Remember, there is no correct or incorrect Enso. Each Enso is merely a reflection of the moment and an opportunity for you to become “One” with that moment.

Personally, I am starting to use my Enso as a “cue” to remind myself each day to take at least one step towards my goal or whatever I am trying to achieve. I know if I can begin the process or cycle then I am moving towards a higher version of myself and a oneness with Spirit.

I hope this painting can inspire you to begin your day by taking small steps of action towards your goal. Enso is the art of repetition. It is infinite. Remember that small wins add up each day and will begin to compound over time, plus it will create momentum.

Be like the Enso, a continuous motion, flowing like water, always moving and becoming harmonious with all things. Become one with your life and do something that inspires you to be your best.

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share.
Thank you.

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