Know Thyself

Bird on twig illustration

“Know Thyself”
Spirit. Within.
Creation. Infinite.
I know, anything is possible.

Know Thyself” Ink drawing – print.

Sometimes you might want to listen to that inner voice, even when it seems a bit crazy. That voice might be Spirit trying to tell you something. Perhaps it’s something to read, to listen to, or even something else. Or perhaps it’s your Angel telling you to go to a very special place and “hear a message.”

This is exactly what happened to me. I listened to my inner voice and found myself heading to the desert, which has led me to a wondrous new journey in my life.

It’s 5:00 am and you are standing near the Dead Sea in California.  Gazing out at the sea you notice this beautiful bird, sitting on this majestic tree looking over the pale blue water. He seems to know something from within. He has this strength, this force, beaming out to the world.

He is trying to tell you something…

You close your eyes. Suddenly, a cool breeze sends a slight chill, giving you goose bumps on the back of your neck. Even though your eyes are closed you still see the bird. You hear a powerful swooshing sound as he takes flight.  Suddenly you find yourself flying along, looking over the Dead Sea. The bird turns back to you and lets out a shriek. You feel his immense energy pierce through your soul.

Your inner voice says, “Listen to your heart. Know that you are a living spirit. Discover your true and higher self.  Your true strength comes from within. Trust your inner spirit and follow your true spirit’s path.”

“The power that is flowing inside you is greater than anything that you will ever face on the outside.”
~ Bob Proctor

Shortly after this amazing experience in the desert, my intuition led me to Bob Proctor. I found myself guided to him. I honestly had no idea who he was. I started binge watching his YouTube videos and I couldn’t get enough! Then I started also attending his Live Virtual Zoom events. If you don’t know what a “paradigm” is…you have to watch Bob Proctor. It will change your life.

One particular statement that I heard Bob say on several occasions that hit my soul like a lightning bolt was this: “Is your current job worth trading your life for? Because you are!”  Wow! Did this ever strike a chord in every fiber of my very being.

This one question really brings life into focus. We all “exchange our time” for our jobs, but it goes much deeper than just our jobs. Think about your conversations, the TV shows you are watching, the people you are hanging out with, the thoughts in your head. Are all of these things worth trading your life for? Because you are.

I now use this question on a weekly basis to help guide my thoughts, my actions, and even my business.  I ask, “Does this thought bring me closer to my life’s purpose?” “Does this action take me a step closer to my goals in life?” If the answer is a screaming no…I now try to shut it down and bring myself back on course.

You should want to upgrade your life like you upgrade your cell phone every year. Before listening to and studying from Bob Proctor’s wisdom, I had no idea that “upgrading your life” was even possible. Bob teaches you how to re-program your mind. He pointed me to authors like Dr. Joseph Murphy, Earl Nightingale, and Neville Goddard.  I had never heard of these authors and I now listen to them on audio every day.

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Re-value yourself and they will confirm the change.”
~ Neville Goddard

Create your vision. Create your life. Take action!

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Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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