Desert path painting

The horizon.
Who are you in the end?
Imagine. Visualize. Now step

Your big dream in life might seem like a million miles away. As you gaze into the horizon, you see this road and it seems to go on forever. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remember that’s it’s a journey. You are meant to enjoy the experience along the way!

The key to success is to take action every day even if it just one tiny step. Take the step “Forward.”

Think of the Law of Compounding  and know that your daily series of small actions will add up to something significant. Over time those small steps “Forward” will add up.

Perhaps you want to write a book but the thought of writing one seems overwhelming. Set your goal to write just one page a day. That’s it. Just one page. If you do this in just seven months you will have over 200 pages written! There’s your book! Boom!

I myself decided to create this “Midweek Motivation” newsletter and associated blog, “Thinking Beyond the Paint.” The goal I set out for myself is to send out just one email per week, with each email containing a piece of art, a poem, and an article. But by doing this, over the course of one year I will have created 52 artworks! 52 poems! And 52 articles! This one small decision to take a small action each week moves me “Forward!”

Here’s a great tip for staying on track: Write down your daily tasks and goals for the week the night before. That way when you wake up each morning your day is set to go. Create a morning routine for yourself that propels you to move forward. Start your morning with intention. Ask yourself…What actions can I take today that will move me “Forward” towards my dream? What can I do today to move “Forward?”

Be sure to monitor yourself during the day so you stay on track. Ask…Does this conversation, this thought, this action, or whatever it might be…does this move me “Forward?” Is this event creating fulfillment in my life? Does “this” make me feel alive?

Live your dream and take small action steps each day. Within a year you will be way down that road that appears in front of you now.

Step “Forward!”

Live to Love  Life!
~ Brad Rhoades 

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share.

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