Watercolor Painting

Watercolor; 6in x 6in

Calming the mind.
I connect with spirit.
I am limitless. I feel peace.
I am.

Have you ever gone for a hike and as the terrain got steeper you started to run out of breath? Well, holding onto the past is a little bit like this in many ways.

Our past regrets, failed relationships, disappointments, whatever it was in which we believed we or our lives fell short…all of this carries a lot of weight on the inside. To be at peace and feel a sense of serenity you need to forgive yourself and others and let go of these “heavy weights” of the past.

Let yourself move forward

When you can let go of your past and give yourself permission to move forward, the world will feel a lot lighter. Make no mistake—the challenges will still be there. But if you can step into your future greater self, everything will start to have this amazing color to life and you will feel a calmness to the situation.

One extremely important thing to do is to constantly check in with yourself during the day. Are you focusing on the “why you can’t?” Or are you focusing on the solutions? What would your future amazing self do? How would your future self handle this situation?

This painting is about that feeling you can achieve when you let your mind relax, meditate, and focus on your breath. Feel your heart as you breath in and see yourself in the future having achieved your dream. Slowly breath out. What does that feel like?

Imagine yourself on this sea cliff feeling light as air. Feel the ocean breeze against your cheeks, the warm sun giving you a sense of clarity and renewing your energy. Breath in again and feel your future self has arrived. Now go and be amazing!

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. Thank you.

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