Sketch of Ram by Brad Rhoades

The road
That lies ahead.
Despite the obstacle
Persistence. Will overcome all. 

Standing in a California desert, you gaze upon an amazing and majestic Bighorn Sheep that seems to exude a sense of inner strength and “Perseverance” in life.

You notice his horns with their worn-down rings and the nicks and battle scars of past challenges, telling his life’s history. But even so, you can’t help but see the richness and beauty that these battle scars give to his horns. They look majestic, magnificent, and awe inspiring.

His struggles over the years and his courage to persevere through it all have brought him honor and respect in his herd. He never gave up. He never quit. He is still standing. He is still going. He might be a bit slower than he used to be, but he moves with precision. You can see he is the wisest among the herd.

You see him staring at you. He is saying, “You are not going to quit your dream! You are not going to give up. Not now. Not ever! Focus on the prize, your dream. Ignore the things in life that are not serving your higher self. Lock in on the things that move you forward.”

Even though life may give you some obstacles and perhaps a few surprises, you can learn to adapt, grow, and become the best version of yourself. Focus your time and energy on your skills, your relationships, your conversations, and everything that moves you forward towards your goal. Ignore the rest.

Every day, set clear intentions in your daily journal regarding exactly what it is that you want. Focused energy gives you power. Use this superpower to make things happen!

Then ask yourself… What are three things that I can do this week that will take me a step closer to my dream?

And then…Take a step! Move forward!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”
~ Aristotle

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. Thank you.

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