The Gift

Flowers in a field painting

“The Gift”
The Source.
Lies within you.
Limitless energy.
Imagine. Visualize. Construct.

Here’s something to keep in mind when you pray and ask for something man made, like a chair, a table, or even a house. If the thing that you have prayed for doesn’t seem to appear in front of you, remember that the Infinite Spirit has never made these things. Your “Gift” is the opportunity that lays before you. For example, God created a tree or a forest of trees. Can you see the potential when you look at the tree? Do you see a table? Or maybe it’s a beautiful cabinet, a chair, a billiard table, or perhaps a boat.

Your Gift is the ability to imagine what the tree could be. Your Gift is limitless. You only need to imagine and then take action towards your dream. In this sense, you are only limited by your own beautiful imagination.

If you are asking for sweetness in life, the Infinite Spirit has provided you with a world filled with gorgeous flowers, fruit, and our amazing bees. You only need to see the potential that is all around on this beautiful blue marble we call Earth.

God gives us many opportunities, including the opportunities to be courageous, to love, to be patient, to overcome, and to become our brilliant selves. We only need to recognize the opportunities and stand in our light. Visualize in your mind what your dream is. Then look within, connect to a greater power, and see the gifts that are before you.

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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