The Rock

Lamb eating grass illustration

“The Rock”
Every day.
You are devoted.
Rain or shine, you show up.
Love. Strength. Courage. Support. You are
“The Rock.”

Sometime when you are out in nature you have the privilege of witnessing a moment that seems sacred. For me, seeing this beautiful ewe (i.e., female sheep, pronounce like the letter the “U”), emerged from the brush was one of those moments.

This ewe, which happens to be an endangered species of sheep, has brought her newborn down the mountain to the lower grasses where they both can be nourished. Her lamb is nearby, feeling secure in the knowledge that its mother will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Even though the ewe’s life is tough and filled with overwhelming challenges, you can still see the calmness and strength in her presence. Like so many mothers everywhere, she is resourceful and devoted as she cares for her young, and is the “emotional rock” on which her children depend.

To all the moms around the world, I say, “thank you!” Thank you for your love and devotion to your family. Thank you for finding the calmness and strength to carry on regardless of the obstacles you face. Thank you.

And lastly, thank you to the ewe that I had the privilege of seeing. You continue to inspire me every single day. You remind me to wake up with a winning attitude and fight not only for myself but also for all of those around me that I care about.

Your inspiration reminds me about the importance of intention, having the right mindset, and putting in the daily work towards my goal. I need to nourish myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, so I continue to climb that mountain and simply know…I got this! Thank you, ewe!


Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. They might be grateful that you did.

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