The Process

The Process
Upon layer,
Our thoughts take shape. Our dream
Becomes reality. The paint
Breathes life. 

Life is a process, a series of steps that you need to take in order to create the end results that you seek. It is a bit like the painting that you see above. In the beginning stages there is not much to see. Then, as you slowly progress, the picture might even seem a little “ugly.” The colors, like in life, may seem a little muddied.

But that’s okay.

Think in terms of layers

You need to remember that you are laying down the foundation of the image that you hold in your mind. I think this is where many people get stuck in life. We want to see the end results right now! But life doesn’t work that way.

You need to think of everything in layers, just like the painting. Many of my larger-sized paintings actually have over 100 layers of paint! Yes, thinking that you may have to metaphorically “lay down over 100 layers” before reaching your end result might seem extremely daunting. But here is the secret…

Enjoy the process!

Find something that you enjoy doing for simply that. When you enjoy the process, you enjoy the journey. Don’t worry so much about the destination. Because here is another little secret in life… The “End Results” will never look exactly like the picture you had in your mind from the beginning. And that is okay, too.

Find something that gives you purpose

I think this is really the key in life. Find the thing that gives you fulfillment. When you do…it won’t feel so much like work. You will still have to do a ton of “supportive work” to make it all happen. But when you are doing something that gives you purpose, this will give you that extra push that is required to do the work.

When I started creating the painting above I had a general idea of what the painting would look like. But as I progressed, as I painted layer upon layer, it started to create its own story. The people in the painting did not look like this. In fact…they were created from my head. The clouds did not have all these faces, but as I painted, they seemed to appear and became magical on their own.

And life is like this. You start off slowly and you “do the work.” You lay out the foundation of your idea. And each day you put in the work. You put in the time. If you remain true to yourself, your dream, your goal that you are striving for, then I have no doubt your end creation will look very beautiful.

Remember to enjoy the journey.

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

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