Oceanside painting

Quiet the mind.
Feel your heart. Seek within.
Relax. Recharge. Rejuvenate.
Your soul. 

Quite often we find ourselves chasing our days, weeks, and months only to end up feeling exhausted and worn out. To avoid this situation and the burnout that goes with it, you need to take the time each morning to refresh and re-energize, in order to bring yourself back to a wholeness and balance. Meditation can accomplish this.

Start your day with meditation

Instead of starting your day reading emails, the newspaper, online news, or anything else that might agitate your mindset, try starting with meditation instead. You want to create a mood that empowers your day and fills you up with energy, and meditation can do this.

Meditation is an excellent way to begin the day and recharge your batteries and, for that matter, replenish your soul. Hundreds of scientists in all areas of study have validated that daily meditation provides tremendous health benefits.

I like to use the method of counting my breaths and falling into a rhythm, slowing down my breathing, all while focusing my thoughts inwards. It starts by slowing down your heart and mind. As part of this I also suggest trying to create a visual story to help focus your mind inwardly and clear out the “outside thoughts” and negative chatter. You want to remove your mind from the outside thoughts of the day and bring yourself into the fourth dimensional world, that world where “Source” exists and has the awesome ability to restore your body, mind, and soul to “oneness.”

Try using this visualization the next time you meditate

See yourself sitting in a beautiful green meadow. The sun is shining against your face and warming your body. Below you, past a lush valley, you see a breathtaking view of the ocean. Then you look up and see gorgeous, snowcapped mountains in the distance. Spring is arriving, the winter snow is coming to an end and the snow is starting to melt, bringing its nourishing water to all life downstream. The water flows down the mountain, creating brilliant green meadows like the one you are sitting in. The flowers are starting to bloom as the sunshine gleams its energy upon the valley. ’

Visualize yourself being rejuvenated by the sun’s warm rays of love bringing energy throughout your veins. Feel the energy from the river flowing down through your entire body, revitalizing you from head to toe.

You are feeling restored, refreshed, and alive as Mother Earth’s heart beats its life force throughout your body. The sun is rising and you are ready to celebrate the day.

Today is a new day and a new opportunity to create and enjoy the abundance that is coming to you in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis.

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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Thank you.

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