Laguna Beach Sunset Photo

My thoughts
Starting to drift.
Remember your purpose.
Start from the end. Feel this moment. 
I am. 

Photo taken with IPhone.
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Keeping Your Focus on the Big Picture

Have you ever felt excited about your goal one day—and then the very next day feel like your batteries are drained? Why do you feel so tired? Why have you lost your motivation?

The answer is that you have lost your focus on the Big Picture. Remember, your thoughts are energy. If you focus your attention on the negative news story of the day, negative conversations, negative people, etc., all of this will drag your energy down in a huge way.

Get in the habit of guarding your daily thoughts and actions

When you start feeling sluggish, ask yourself what you were focusing on. Write it down in a journal. Then “command” yourself to stop!

Bring your attention back to your end goal. Visualize that your goal is already finished. What does that feel like? Focus on this feeling. Live in this moment in your head. Feel the awesomeness of this day!

This exercise will recharge your batteries.

But one extremely important thing to note: You must take small actions each day towards your goal. Thoughts alone won’t get you there. However, once your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned with your desired outcomes…opportunity is coming! You simply need to be aligned with this energy in order to see it. Which is what staying focused on your Big Picture is all about!

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. Thank you.

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