Painting of cactus in the desert

“I AM”

I AM awake.
Creation. Birth. Alive.
Imagination within. Awareness.

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am”  Exodus 3:14  (King James Version)

“I AM” Oil Painting (30inch x 40inch)

What happened when Moses saw the Universal Spirit and became aware of his own “I AM-ness”?

My “I AM” painting is my interpretation of this miraculous moment and awareness of our very own “I AM-ness” which is available to all of us.

The birth of your self-awareness is something that takes place inside your own beautiful imagination. You witness the birth of your creation, the “idea” of you! This is the very moment when your conscious and subconscious mind are joining together with the Universal Spirit from within.

You understand that you are one with the Creator. You are both part of the greater whole and unique. You are one of God’s highest forms of creation.

You realize…“I AM.”

“I AM is a feeling of permanent awareness. The very center of consciousness is the feeling of I AM. I may forget who I am, where I am, what I am, but I cannot forget that I Am. The awareness of being remains, regardless of the degree of forgetfulness of who, where, and what I am.”
~ Neville Goddard

As you drift off to into a deep sleep you feel…awakened. You feel alive. You are standing in the desert but it feels different. This place is somewhere else, yet somewhere familiar.

The cacti to the right seem so vibrant. They seem to be dancing, almost celebrating something. The tallest cactus is wearing a golden crown with its arms stretched out.

You wonder…what are they celebrating?

You notice the mountains behind the cacti in the far off distance. It looks like two sleeping giants dreaming. What are they dreaming about? And then just to the left of the sleeping giants you see a hand holding a heart with chakra colors. What is this place?

Then something else catches your eye. It’s a purple tree with beautiful pink aura lights illuminating into the clouds. Next to the tree there is a pool of water glistening with blues and speckles of pink, green, and purple.

Is that a snake behind the tree? It looks like it is watching you very closely. Is it guarding something? Why is it there?

And then you look up. Wow! You are in the presence of I AM. There are angels all around rejoicing at this moment. Something amazing is happening!

And then you realize. It’s you! YOU are happening! You are becoming aware of your own “I AM-ness.”  You are becoming aware of your very being, your essence, your consciousness, your imagination. This is what the cacti are celebrating!

The purple tree is your conscious and the burning flame is that very moment of creation of itself. You are creating!

Suddenly it occurs to you that the snake is your own ego. If you keep your ego (the snake) calm, then your dream will flourish into reality. However, if you let your ego (the snake) take control of your thoughts and dominate your decisions, then the snake will come out and wrap itself around your dreams until it is crushed out of existence.

You now understand that you must be in harmony with your dream and the Universal Spirit from within. You must believe in yourself and realize your power is from within.

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Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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