Find Your Voice

Red bird on tree painting

“Find Your Voice”
My soul.
Now awakened.
Light shines within. True self.
Awareness. Authentic. Passion.

As we end another year and begin 2022, I wanted to share “My Story” with you in hope of that it will inspire you to “Find Your Voice.”

We all have that voice that doubts ourselves, seeks the negative outcome, and fears of the unknown that blocks us from achieving our goals and our dreams before we even try. But there is the Law of Rhythm which lets us know that everything has an equal opposite including our negative voice in our head. We have another voice, a positive one, a voice that cheers us on, it sings our brilliance, and it inspires us to become our very best in ourselves.

Imagine what you truly want… And then each day…take just one step forward. And then another.

“My Story”

Ever since I can remember, Art has always been my “go to” thing to keep me feeling alive, happy, and quite frankly…like my real self.

After I achieved both AA and BA degrees in Art, I fell into the trap: I let my fears get the worst of me. I was afraid of disappointing everyone and becoming the starving artist that I let fear guide the direction of my life.  As a result, I ended up spending the next 25 years doing EVERTHING else BUT the one true passion in life that had been so important to me, Art.

As the years went by I ended up with a well-kept dark secret. I was battling with depression, but no one knew. I was like the clown who was crying on the inside while smiling on the outside. Every day was a constant battle from within – so much so that I would often park my car somewhere and just sit there for hours sobbing.

But then something miraculous happened, in which I can only describe as a spiritual awakening. It was as if someone came into the dark room where I had been hiding and flipped the light switch on. The clouds were lifted and I could see!

It happened one afternoon when I was sitting in my car feeling angry at the world and myself. Extreme feelings of depression were quickly overtaking my very being. Then an invisible force that I cannot fully describe, took hold of my hand (which happened to be holding a smoothie at the time) and began shaking it hard. I could feel the presence of the Universal Spirt from within.

I had no control over what was occurring. In fact, it felt as if I was watching this happen to someone else. My smoothie drink went everywhere in the car. I mean it was everywhere! The only thing I could do at that moment was to laugh out loud. I felt ridiculous about my negative thoughts and what had just happened.

I realized that this overwhelming “force” was telling me to stop. Stop taking everything so seriously. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop listening to the outside noise.  Since then I have come to understand that this force has a name to me, “Thalia,” and I can only describe her as my guardian angel.

“You need to start listening to your inner voice, your true voice,” Thalia whispered softly into my ear.  “Find your inner strength from within. You just need to believe in yourself and start being the authentic you.”

Thalia was telling me to stop feeling like a victim and to start living life to my fullest potential. Start being the person you had wanted to be as long as you could remember. Unfortunately, like most people, I had forgotten my true self. Perhaps you can relate. Remember when you were a child? What made you always smile? What got you so excited that you lost track of time?

For me, I realized it was being an artist. That’s who I am. It is how I think, how I feel, and how I express myself. I truly believe the Universal Spirit has instilled in each of us a life’s purpose or true calling. The Creator put you here for a reason. You just need to listen to that inner voice, your intuition, and nourish this seed inside of you every day.

You might have other purposes in your lifetime, but I truly believe there is one special “anchor” purpose we really need to tune into and listen. It is up to each of us to find what that purpose is and then be strong and brave enough to do it. Take action and become your higher self!

I hope my art and my story will inspire you to find your own true self, to become the very best version of you, and to “Find Your Voice!”

Find whatever that “thing” is and then do it! Remember, take small steps each day. You can do this! Keep stepping forward!

I would love to hear your story, the struggles and wins in your life. We are all on this journey together. If you would like to send me your story please email me at  Thank you.

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share.
Thank you.

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