Echoes of Fall

Abstract painting by Brad Rhoades

“Echoes of Fall” 
Watercolor – 6in x 6in

My old self sheds.
I endure the winter.
Spring has arrived. New ideas sprout.

In life we have highs and lows at various times in our lives. And when I was painting this water color “Echoes of Fall” I had started to think about the many Universal Laws, one of which is the Law of Rhythm. It states that everything has a cycle. Life vibrates to a rhythm. Summer follows spring. And winter follows the fall. The ocean tide will flow out but it will always come back in. It will continue its cycle. And this includes for you and I. Just like in nature, we too have seasons in our lives and we flow to a rhythm.

I asked myself…How can I apply this law to my life?

Fall (which can simply represent a slow time period in your life) is a wonderful time to let go of any limiting beliefs or daily habits that are holding you back. What beliefs do I need to let go in order to reach my goal? What limiting actions or daily habits do I need to stop doing and replace them with actions that move me forward towards my goal?

Remember that anytime you let go of a belief, a habit, etc. it’s really important to replace it with something that will move you the positive flow. Like the tree in order to have a new green leaf it must shed its old leaf. The tree needs to let go of its old leaves so it can be renewed in the spring time.

Myself for example, I stopped watching tv altogether and I replaced it by either reading a book that supports my personal growth or by watching YouTube videos of people who are achieving amazing results in life. I used this extra time to study peoples’ habits so I could learn from their daily actions and amazing success. I replaced the old leaf (mindless tv shows) with a new green leaf (empowering books).

Ask yourself…What would it take to have a breakthrough month? What leaf (old habit) do I need to shed from my tree? What do I need to let go? What action can I replace it with?

The mind is an amazing thing. If you ask the right questions…the answers can truly lead to incredible thoughts and ideas. Ask…What would it take to grow into the amazing person that already exists inside of you? Start writing down anything that comes to mind. And then just let it sit for a day and then ask again the next day. What would it take…and then fill in the blank..

Shed the old leaves and replace them with gorgeous green empowering ones. Become the amazing tree of life that grows inside of you.

Have an inspiring week!

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

*If you know someone who could use a “Midweek Motivation” and a bit of inspiration, please share. Thank you.

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