Settle in life. 
Complacency is death.
Awaken your soul. Live today!
You Thrive!

“Thrive” Oil Painting. 36in x 36in

This painting, which I call “Thrive,” is about celebrating you being at your best. It represents your life when you are done being complacent and doing things in an “average” way. You have realized that mediocrity is a slow downward spiral to an average life at best, and have moved away from that.

Do you see the face in the lower right side of the rock? Thisrepresents your individual spirit, able to stand alone and handle the oncoming waves of life. In fact, you now embrace the challenges of life with a smile. Even the crashing waves are smiling at your resilience, celebrating your success and big breakthrough in life.

Now look closely at the rocks on the bottom left side. Here you’ll find three more faces. These are three wisemen,representing the value of council and learning from those who have already had success in your field of study. Tony Robbins often quotes Jim Rohn, saying “Success leaves clues.” You understand that it’s important to seek advice and gain valuable knowledge from those who have already paved the way.

What’s that flying high above the rocks? It’s two white birds soaring in the air. These birds are there to remind you to set your standards high and not be shortsighted. Look far beyond what is directly in front of you for opportunities that others might miss.

You’ve put in the long hours and the hard work that is requiredto master the fundamentals of your craft. Today you are ready to take on the waves of life with a smile, and to Thrive!

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

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