Blue Pearls

Bird flying over ocean image

“Blue Pearls”

In the distance.
Courage. Strength. Clarity.
Illuminating from within
Blue pearls.

Sometimes it can be a scary thing to try something new. The fear of failing can overtake our thoughts before we even take any sort of action.

Perhaps things would be easier if we didn’t view our unsuccessful results as “failing.” But we emulated the viewpoint of the great Thomas Edison instead. Edison made an astonishing 10,000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the light bulb. Even so, he didn’t see his results as failing, but simply as a series of experiments with various outcomes. He kept going until he found what worked.

Your actions can also be seen like creating a recipe. You try combining various ingredients until it tastes just right. You don’t quit on creating the recipe simply because you didn’t like the taste of one ingredient. You simply try again without that ingredient, perhaps adjusting some of the other ingredients as well.

Or you can see your quest to try something new as an opportunity to discover a hidden treasure, such as a lustrous blue pearl. A pearl is formed inside an oyster by layers upon layers of coatings which are deposited over an “irritant” until a beautiful pearl is created. That irritant was not a failure—it was a catalyst. Your “irritant,” meaning your fear, can be the catalyst to help you become stronger, more resistant and more creative. In other words, a higher version of yourself.

Deep within you lies your true potential, a gorgeous blue pearl waiting to be discovered. You just need the courage and strength to take the first step.

Today is the day! Look within and find your blue pearl. Take that step.

Live, to Love Life!

~ Brad Rhoades

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