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A Lesson From AI – Break Through Your Wall
What do you know?
“I can teach you something.
Don’t see it as failure, only

This week I wanted to share a story that I heard from Tom Bilyeu on his YouTube channel, “Impact Theory.” If you are ever interested in watching interviews from the top movers and shakers in the world, you might give his channel a try.

Tom told a story about how “AI” was taught how to play a video game called Breakthrough, which was one of the old Atari games. The game consists of a paddle at the bottom and a brick wall above. The object of the game is to bounce the ball up and start hitting the bricks in the wall and then break through the wall. And once you break through the wall, the ball will be captured at the top and start hitting many of the bricks because it is trapped. This scores lots of points.

The novice

At first the computer (AI) does not know anything about the game. It does not know what the paddle is. It does not know how to score a point. It knows absolutely nothing about the game. It’s only told by the programmer to get the highest score possible.

During AI’s first attempt it wiggles the paddle as the ball passes it by and loses a point. Remember, it is learning and discovering what everything is. During another attempt AI accidentally hits the ball—which then bounces up and hits a brick and scores AI’s first point! Woo hoo! AI has now learned how to score a point.


As AI continues to play it finally breaks through the wall so that the ball gets trapped up above and scores a ton of points. And now…AI has discovered how to score a lot of points and it is at this point that AI starts to master the game and take it to a whole new level.

The lesson

Now imagine if you were AI for a moment, holding the paddle and wiggling it in front of thousands of people while they were all laughing at you because you don’t have a clue. You might “feel” embarrassed or even stupid. And some of us might even quit and give up entirely because we feel ashamed of what other people might think about us. But why feel embarrassed? What did AI do?

AI doesn’t have feelings. The computer programmer didn’t code wiggling the paddle as “failure.” The programmer wrote the attempt as a “sample.” AI simply records the “sample” as feedback and thus AI never sees each event as failure. It doesn’t even know the concept of failing. It merely learns and records the information, adapts, and then puts the lesson learned into practice for the next time around. AI doesn’t get embarrassed or upset as it attempts to learn.

It ignores outside criticism and continues on its journey of learning and growing until it has mastered its goal.

You can learn a lot from this simple lesson

When you are learning something new, don’t worry about what others think or might think. Ignore the outside noise and focus on your task at hand. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Don’t see setbacks as failures, instead see them as learning experiences. They’re just “samples” or “feedback.” Do what AI does. Record, makes adjustments, and then keep trying something new until you find out what does work. That’s it!

In this sense there is no such thing as failing. Period. There is only learning and growing. And as time goes by you will only get better and better because you are continually marching on and becoming a master of learning. But remember to keep taking action. Each day is another opportunity to improve, grow, and become a little bit better than the day before.

The obstacles that you face in life are very much like this game

There is an invisible wall or barrier that is standing in your way towards your greater potential. You need to see your greater future self and break through your wall. Don’t let the outside noise stop you from your destiny. Step through the barrier and become your future self. Be like AI and ignore any outside criticism as well as that unhelpful noise that chatters inside your head. Break through your wall!

Enjoy the process and become a student for life. Soon, you will see doors opening to new opportunities that you once thought were impossible. You are limitless!

Live, to Love Life!
~ Brad Rhoades

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